Is winning everything? Well, winning is important, but it’s not everything- especially if the cost is a serious and possibly life changing head injury. With the revolutionary GameBreaker head protection, Houston players can focus more on winning and less on the risks of head injury, no matter the game being played.

Head Protection Houston

Whether your temple is the field, pool, or ring, you need to stay protected in a way that allows for maximum performance. This is what the GameBreaker head protection will bring you. The GameBreaker is a 5-star Virginia Tech Helmet Rated piece of equipment that, when worn, will provide industry-leading protection to your noggin- and without hampering performance. Not only is this the most protective softshell helmet on the market today, it’s also the most comfortable. When you wear this helmet, you’ll notice the comfort immediately as the GameBreaker conforms to any head shape or size. Plus, this helmet will help to keep you cool when you’re playing under the hot sun. This is still just the beginning of all the benefits you’ll enjoy when wearing the GameBreaker.

Protect your head with the unbeatable GameBreaker head protection for Houston players. You can learn more about the GameBreaker and all its benefits when you browse through our TEC Sports LLC website, If you have any questions about the GameBreaker or you need help with ordering, then please call us today or you can use our website contact form.