Your head matters, so of course you need to protect it as much as possible during a game. But that doesn’t mean you need to wear uncomfortable, limiting hard helmets. GameBreaker has developed a revolutionary soft shell helmet for a variety of sports, and if you or your kids play sports in San Antonio, then the soft shell head gear from GameBreaker is a must.

San Antonio Soft Shell Head Gear

The GameBreaker soft shell helmet was designed with state-of-the-art EVA and SAF foams, providing the helmet with added protection at a much-reduced weight. The helmet is not just protective and light-weight, it’s also breathable. With its design, the player can feel comfortable at all times. Plus, when the game is over, the soft shell headgear can simply be washed in the washing machine, allowing for a fresh, nice-smelling helmet ready for use before each game. This is one helmet that is changing the way different sports are played- and last but not least, this head gear is stylish.

You or your players will play well and stay safe with the revolutionary GameBreaker San Antonio soft shell head gear. If you’d like to learn more about all the features of the GameBreaker soft shell head gear and how this state-of-the-art helmet can keep you or your players safe on the field, swimming pool, or any other environment, then simply browse through our website, If you have any questions about the GameBreaker soft shell head gear or you’re interested in ordering, then please contact us today.